Fluocinonide Cream Alternatives

What are the fluocinonide cream alternative/substitute?

1). Amcinonide Cream
You can use Amcinonide Cream as an alternative of Fluocinonide Cream. It is marketed under the brand name Cyclocort. It has the same functionality and works in a similar way as Fluocinonide cream does. Patients who have allergy to Fluocinonide cream should discuss their issues with a doctor before using it as an alternative of Fluocinonide Cream.

2). Betamethasone Dipropionate
Betamethasone dipropionate is another good alternative of Fluocinonide Cream. It is a derivative of prednisolone marketed under some popular brand names like Diprosone, Synalar-DP and Diprolene. It contains corticosteroid that gives patients reliefs from intense itching and dryness like Lidex. Therefore, it can be used as the alternative of Lidex as well. Betamethasone dipropionate is available in three different forms such as cream, lotion and ointment.

3). Desoximetasone
Desoximetasone, marketed under the brand name Topicort, works in a similar manner like the other Fluocinonide Cream Alternatives. It is available in two forms gel or cream.

4). Hydrocortisone Cream
Hydrocortisone cream, sold as an over-the-counter remedy for itching and irritation, can be used as Fluocinonide alternative. As it is a mild corticosteroid cream, it is good for topical application.

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