Fluocinonide cream in pregnancy

Is It Safe To Use Flucinonide Cream During Pregnancy

Fluocinonide cream is not suitable for all so while using it, you need to beware of its side effects. There are certain terms and conditions which is mandatory to follow before the usage of the cream. The cream had local side effects as well as the cream had serious complications. There are various conditions, in which you cannot use the flucinonide creams, ointment, lotion or gel. Children had a high risk of getting adverse side effects. So, the above medicine should be kept away from the reach of children. Among all one condition is: If you had allergic problems then you cannot use fluocinonide cream. Do not think of using the cream without doctor advice. If you are using any other chemical products or creams then you need to inform the doctor. So, there are various things which you need to inform the doctor before the applicant of the cream. Suppose if you had allergic reaction from particular food products then you should inform your health care. It is very essential for the doctor to know all your medical details. As fluocinonide cream had various side effects.

Do not forget to inform your doctor if you are taking any other medicine because you cannot use a similar medicine like flucinomnide. Keep an half an hour gap between the consumption of two different tablets. If you are pregnant then fluocinonide cream in pregnancy cannot be used as it is very risky for the children. If you use the cream for a long period of time then there is a high risk of having diabetes. To stay hygienic, wash your hands before the applicants of the cream. Do not continue using the cream for more than two weeks. Apply medical doses as prescribed by the doctor. For effective results gently massage the cream in the affected areas. Research had been done what will happen, if fluocinonide cream in pregnancy will be used. Usage of the cream could create danger to the fetus.  As a result abnormal child comes out from the mother’s womb.

You can use fluocinonide cream in pregnancy, if its benefits are higher and the chance of side effects are less. Fluocinonide had been consigned by the FDA, when pregnancy group is c. According to the research, when fluocinonide had been given to pregnant women then nine brain birth defects were found. The expectation of brain defects were four. During pregnancy no data can be proscribed. If fluocinonide is applied into the human milk then there are no records found on its emission. The manufacturer of fluocionide cream had given suggestions that are: Do not use fluocinoide cream because the usage of this medicine can generate serious reaction to the pregnant mother. So, it has been decide that the mother who is in breast feeding should not use the drug. It is not only for her safety but also for child safety. If you find any symptoms of side effects then you must consult with the doctor immediately. If you suffer from other skin diseases apart from eczema then do not apply the cream, unless doctor prescribed.

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