Fluocinonide Solution For Hair Loss

Fluocinonide is a synthetic steroid and doctor usually prescribes it for topical uses. For treating dermatitis steroid produces efficient results. This cream works as an anti-inflammatory agent and ideal for treating psoriasis and eczema. Fluocinonide is also excellent for curing every type of hair problems. Starting from itching, scratching even the prime and most concerned problem hair loss is efficiently cured by fluocinonide. It is available in different forms such as cream, gel or ointment and can be treated well by using any of these forms. Fluocinonide consist Corticosteroids hence there is a possibility of developing mild allergic reaction. Beside this, there is possibility of other reaction such as hair re-growth.


The Fluocinonide cream is mainly used for inflammation, which is resulted by hair loss and other skin conditions. The cream is attributed with several advantages and the presence of adrenocortical steroid makes an individual feel relief from redness, swelling and itching.


Fluocinonide ointment is the general form of topical cortisteroid cream. The ointment provides fruitful result for decreasing the chemical reactions, which cause due to the inflammation as well as swelling of the scalp. The ointment is wonderful to cure the symptoms of the allergic reactions that have been caused from the hair products, which results in hair loss.


For treating alopecia, Fluocinonide gel is preferred by the doctor in 0.05 percent. The gel is instantly immersed into the skin and assists the individual in getting instant relief. The dosage of the gel depends according to the condition of the patient. Doctors as well as dermatologists normally suggest the patients to continue using the gel two to four times a day for some weeks until an efficient result is not gained in treating hair loss solution. As the cream is equipped with fast absorbing power thus without any trouble it can be combined with shampoos and other styling aids.

Some people undergo through hair falls when they stop treating them with Fluocinonide. Re-growth usually occurs within 3 to 6 months of starting the treatment. If your hair does not grow back after six months then it would be wise if you stop using the corticosteroids.

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