Fluocinonide Solution For Scalp

Fluocinonide cream comes in the form of ointment, cream, solution and gel for using on the skin. This cream is usually prescribed to use two to four times a day. Before applying the cream, it is necessary for you to understand the direction written on your prescription label. If you are not clear about any prescribed part then you should seek the help of your doctor or pharmacist. Always use the fluocinonide cream as per accurate direction. Over dosage of the cream is strictly prohibited. Use the exact amount neither less nor more. There are some people, who live with misconception regarding the fluocinonide drug. They think if they frequently use the cream on affected area then they will get fast and efficient result but excessive usage of the cream lead to skin and bone thinning.

Do not apply fluocinonide in other parts of your body and do not cover or warp the affected area with bandage until and unless, your doctor has approved it. Fluocinonide cream is a synthetic steroid and prescribed for topical uses to treat dermatitis and inflammation that has been occurred due to some adverse reaction caused by any medicine or product. The anti- inflammatory agent is ideal to treat psoriasis, eczema and more.

Fluocinonide is good for treating scalp problems. However, as mentioned earlier you need to apply it strictly according to the direction. Part your hair and apply the solution directly to your scalp. While applying, rub the cream gently. After applying cream, immediate wash off or rubbing the area should be avoided. You need to wait until the medicine has dried on the scalp.

Hypertrichosis, or excessive hair growth, is seen as one of the severe side effects of Fluocinonide cream or gel. According to the sources Folliculitis, or inflamed follicles might be visible while using Fluocinonide liquid solution. Corticosteroid is present in Fluocinonide. Hence, when you are applying topically to the scalp then you may undergo through mild allergic reaction or irritation. It is said that the irritation sometimes provoke hair growth. Dermatologists are familiar with this treatment. According, to some renowned Hair Loss Association fluocinonide generates efficient result when it comes to cure mild alopecia.

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