Follow The Precautions Before Using Lidex Cream

Lidex cream is a steroid used to suppress redness, swelling or burning, that is been caused by various skin diseases like eczema, poriasis or any disease due to allergic reactions. Lidex cream must be stored in a room temperature so that it can be away from dampness as well as heat. You should always use lidex cream as it is prescribed by the doctor. While taking this drug, you should go through the prescription level properly, this cream need to apply only in the areas where doctor had advised. After applying the cream, do not cover the skin as the skin will absorb more medicine and this may cause side effects. If you had seen any allergic reactions after applying the cream then you must immediately stop applying the cream. Inform your doctor if you are suffering from diabetes, skin infections or planning to get pregnant because you cannot use this cream if you are in the above conditions. If you are applying lidex in an around the eye or to open wounds then you must be cautious. If the cream comes in contact with the eye then rinse your eye with water to avoid side effects. Without consulting a doctor do not apply lidex to your child. There are various side effects which you will suffer, if you will not follow the rules and procedure before applying the cream.

The effects are given below:
Sleep problems, smoldering, detaching, drought, tapering of your skin, pain around your mouth, color changes of the affected area. Each and every time warning is given to you that do not apply lidex cream without consulting a doctor. To avoid side effects do not cover the affected area after applying the cream because this will allow the skin to absorb the cream more. The dose of lidex cream depends on which type of disease you are suffering and the disease is either minor or major. To get a better and faster results apply the cream minimum four times in a day. Do not apply the cream in a thick layer. Apply a thin coat of the cream in the affected area. If you are using other products in your skin then inform your health care about it, as he will give you advice whether you will continue the use of the cream or not. Generally if you use lidex cream in your skin then you cannot apply any other cream on the skin, especially in the affected site.

Those who are pregnant and, are in breast feeding using lidex is banned for them. The side effects of lidex are so stronger that you will gain your weight and also you will feel exhausted. Not only this, your face will bulge and you will suffer from muscle weakness. If you are not wandering to take lidex and wanted to stop this drug then in this case also you need to take the advice of the doctor. Suppose if the lidex cream is absorbed in the blood then the chance of getting the cream connected with other medicine becomes less.

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