Lyderm Fluocinonide Cream

What is Lyderm Fluocinonide cream used for?

The Lyderm Fluocinonide Cream is a drug that belongs to the steroid category of medicines. It is a topical corticosteroid that is used by people to relieve the redness, the swelling, itching and discomfort that is associated with many problems of the skin. Very often this medicine is prescribed along with another medicine for the treatment of skin conditions. This cream is a doctor prescribed one.

The dosage of this cream differs from person to person and this is the reason why it should be used as per the directions and guidance of the medical professional. When you are using this cream it is important to note that you should alter the dosage as per your choice and never adopt the dosage that has been prescribed to another person. This may cause adverse effects and the above needs to be taken note of when using the drug.

Caution while applying Lyderm Fluocinonide cream

There are certain guidelines of this drug that you should take into consideration when you are using it. It is wise and prudent to pay close attention to the application of the cream. The product should never get in contact with the eyes and when it is applied you must wash your fingers. In case, it does get into your eyes accidentally you should flush them immediately. When you are using this cream ensure that you should not cover the affected area with a bandage. In case, your doctor tells you to do so you should keep this in mind.

If you are asked to apply the cover you must be sure on the right manner to do so. In the case of occlusive dressing you will cause more of this medicine to pass into the skin. This is the reason why you should pay attention to the directions that have been prescribed to you by your doctor. The Cream should not be used on the groin area, the armpits or the face unless prescribed by your medical practitioner.

There are certain warnings that you must take into consideration when you are dealing with the Cream. Your doctor must be totally aware of your entire medical record. If you are allergic to the use of corticosteroids you must not use the product. There may be cases where you have an allergy to certain food and substances. In such cases you should alert your doctor before you begin using the cream. This cream does not have effects on pregnancy however long term usage may result in birth defects.

In the case of usage in children and adults extra sensitivity needs to be taken care of. The cream does not have any effects on breast feeding however before feeding the child it is advised not to apply the cream. There can be possible side effects and this is the reason why you should take heed of the above precautions when you are applying the cream. This cream is available in both online and local stores and so you will face no problems buying it.

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