Product Review For Fluocinonide Cream 0.1

Fluocinonide cream ingredients

The Fluocinonide Cream 0.1 is a super powerful topical corticosteroid that is presently available in the USA. This Cream is a drug that contains a formulation that contains a dual higher concentration of Fluocinonide compared to the formulations that are found in other products. The earlier versions of the cream had 0.5%. The main objective of the cream is the increased marked retention of this active ingredient in the epidermis, the stratum corneum and the dermis of the person.

There is a less propensity of having systematic absorption. This cream is one that is very much the same as the conventional cream base. The previous formulation of the cream had a very low water base. Now the new version does not have the greasiness of an ointment and it works in very much the same fashion of other powerful corticosteroids with the exceptions of those creams that have 0.05% formulations.

How to apply Fluocinonide cream?

The topical application of this cream is applied once or twice daily for a span of 14 days. This cream is regarded to be safe and effective for the treatment of the atopic dermatitis in people aged 18 years and more. Once these daily applications are used there is no difference in the effectiveness of the medication. This dose is recommended to those for their safety and marginal benefits.

A thin layer of the cream needs to be applied to the affected area. This can be once to 2-4 times in a day depending upon the nature and the severity of the dosage. This is the adult dosage that is generally prescribed for dermatitis. In the case of psoriasis a very thin layer of the cream needs to be applied to the affected area once or twice a day. In certain skin conditions as prescribed by the doctor you are able to apply a thin layer of the cream onto the affected area once everyday. This treatment should be limited to two weeks at a stretch. It should also be kept in mind that no more than 60g every week should be used.

Fluocinonide cream for children

Since Fluocinonide is a cream that is a super powerful corticosteroid you must keep in mind that it should not be rubbed in lightly. You should not be using plastic pants and tight-fitting diapers if the cream needs to be applied in the diaper area of small children. The side effects that have been reported by the cream are few. There are many people who have used the cream and have reported no or minor side effects. If ant of the common side effects persist like dryness and itching it is advised for you to check with the doctor. They are normally dryness and itching however if they tend to persist ensure that you alert the doctor immediately.

Side effects of Fluocinonide cream

In the case of severe side effects like inflammation around the mouth, weakness in muscle, inflamed follicles, the thinning, the softening and the discoloration of the face, excess weight gain, excess hair growth and the discoloration of the skin it is best to alert the doctor immediately.

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