Vanos Fluocinonide cream 0.1

Use of Vanos Fluocinonide cream 0.1

The Vanos Fluocionide Cream 0.1% is generally used to treat a number of skin conditions like eczema, rash, dermatitis, allergies and psoriasis. This cream reduces the redness, the swelling, the itching that occurs in the above conditions. It successfully heals the rough and the scaly patches that occur on the skin that are associated with psoriasis. The cream is a super potent corticosteroid. Vanos cream 0.1 contains Fluocinonide.

This cream is intended to be used on the skin only. It should not be used in the groin, underarms or the face unless directed by a doctor to do so. The affected area needs to be cleaned and wiped dry before the application of the cream. A thin layer of the medication needs to be applied and rubbed gently on the skin. It should be done once daily and in the case of the treatment of eczema it should be applied one to two times in a day. The same applies in the case of treating psoriasis. For the treatment of other skin conditions it is prudent for you to consult your doctor before you apply the medication. The affected area should not be wrapped nor covered unless directed by the physician to do so.

This product can be used for both infants and adults. If the medication is used on the diaper area of an infant it should be noted that the child should not wear plastic pants or diapers that are tight. The individual after the application of the medication needs to wash his/her hand. Ensure that the product does not get into the eyes. In case it happens the area could become worse and result to glaucoma. Avoid the mouth and the nose areas and in case the cream does find its way in these areas ensure that it is washed with plenty of water.

This cream should not be used for any other condition apart for the condition that has been prescribed by the doctor. The cream should not be used for more than 2 weeks at a stretch unless directed by a doctor. In case the condition persists or even worsens the doctor should be informed after the 2 week interval.

Before you use the cream inform the doctor in case you are allergic to the product or any other kind of corticosteroids like hydrocortisone, prednisone and the like. In case you have other allergies it is best to notify the doctor before you use the cream. This product contains many other active ingredients that may trigger off allergies in the person. For more details it is advised that you should talk to your pharmacist.

It should be noted that this product should not be applied if there is an infection or a sore in the affected area. The risks and the benefits of the product need to be taken into account if you are pregnant and this is the reason why you should consult your doctor on the above issue. In case you miss the dose, do not double it up to cover up the missed dose. Apply in the next application.

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