What is a corticosteroid

What is a corticosteroid drug and what is a corticosteroid used for?

Corticosteroid is a sequel of cortisone; cortisone is a synthetic version of our body’s hormone. Corticosteroid is very powerful and also effective. This above medicine is used to treat many skin diseases such as eczema; psoriasis etc. There are a multiple forms of corticosteroid. Corticosteroid comes in the form of cream as well as ointment. The cream is used to decrease inflammation which is caused by the above diseases. Due to inflammation the skin becomes dull and red. So, the cream soothes the following skin problems. The cream reduces the burning sensation of the skin. Corticosteroid comes into various parts such as topical corticosteroids, inhaled corticosteroid, injected corticosteroid and oral corticosteroids. So, now you got an idea what is a corticosteroid and what are its types.

Topical corticosteroids are not only effective in reducing the dermatitis but it is also effective in healing the patches and skin irritation. You can get corticosteroid in medical shops. But prescription is essential to get the following medicine. Do not use this medicine for a long period of time because long term usage can cause various side effects. The effects are tapering of skin; skin color becomes pale and streak. If you apply the cream on the surrounding area of the eye, glaucoma and cataracts are the possible side effects.

What is a corticosteroid inhaler?

For the respiratory disease like asthma, inhaled corticosteroid is prescribed by the doctor. These inhaled proficiently allow the corticosteroid to enter into the lungs. The respiratory surroundings are the core area of swelling. People who suffer from asthma attacks frequently, inhaling corticosteroid are great advantage for those patients. Inhaled corticosteroid daily usage will not only diminish the irritation but also reduce the rate of asthma attacks. There is little chance of having side effects from the inhaled process. If any side effects occur then the effects are quite placid, which includes sore throat gruffness and headaches.

What is a corticosteroid injection?

To cure nerve pain as well as joint pain corticosteroids injections are generally used. Different parts of our body such as shoulders, lap and the backside are the ordinary place, which get treatments. For the respiratory disease such as asthma and arthritis corticosteroids injections is commonly used. You can get release from the injected pain within 24 hrs. You can use this injection maximum for times in a year.  Because the long term usage of injection can cause various side effects such as weak muscles and loss of bone compactness.

Side effects of corticosteroids

One of the powerful forms of corticosteroids is oral corticosteroids. This corticosteroid has shown its efficiency not only in eczema or arthritis problems but also in digestive problems. You should always avail this above treatment for a short span of time. Using the treatment for a long period will lead you to suffer from variety of side effects, which will harm your body. Here are the list of few disease mentioned if you use the oral corticosteroids. The diseases are insomnia, weight expand, wooziness and destabilize immune system. Though corticosteroids are useful treatments but you need to be aware of the side effects. If you apply the cream according to the instructions then you will be safe from side effects. If you observe any strange symptoms in your body then consult the doctor instantly. Now you are familiar with what is a corticosteroid side effect and up to what level it can harm you.

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